Vilis Brukas

Last changed: 08 November 2021
Vilis Brukas

Professor Vilis Brukas, elected as: second deputy.

Important future issues for the faculty

  1. Development of faculty’s education, raising quality and attractiveness of our courses and programmes
  2. More secure career paths, including clearer tenure options for young scientists, better prospects for promotion to professorships, and more tangible meriting for teaching.

Among other questions, I would give to priority for:

  • Strategic positioning of the faculty, when facing increasing competition from other actors in higher forest education and applied research
  • Raising interdisciplinarity in faculty’s research and lifting the capacity of social science “in house” (rather than outsourcing it to others)
  • Nurturing the faculty as part of one SLU, making best use of faculty’s geographic spread
  • Combatting the overall trend of bureaucratisation, leaving more time and decision space for teachers to teach and for researchers to research.

How I will contribute to the new faculty board

As to personal qualities, I believe the Faculty Board could benefit from my inclination to act straight and transparent, and from the drive to get things accomplished.  

A few personal lines

Though educated as ”classical forester” over the years I have become more and more interested in the human dimensions of forestry, leading to my current specialisation in forest policy and planning. In my research I like to look at the big picture, like why forests are managed so differently in different countries of our small Baltic Sea region. I am also burning for teaching, having contributed to educational development at SLU in many different roles, from being teacher and course and programme director, to joining faculty’s educational committees and SLU’s educational board. It is a pleasure to see some good fruits of this work, like the active international alumni network of Master’s programme Euroforester and a flying start of SLU’s first international Bachelor’s programme Forest & Landscape.




Undergraduate education

Master degree in Forest Science at the Lithuanian University in Agriculture, 1997

PhD degree in Forestry- and Nature Resource Planning,  Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2000

Worked at SLU since