Pernilla Christensen

Last changed: 08 November 2021
Pernilla Christensen

Environmental monitoring and assessment specialist Pernilla Christensen, elected as: chair/Deputy Dean

Important future issues for the faculty

  • Increase the internal collaboration within the faculty and SLU
  • To continue to make our data available and visible
  • Continue review and implement the competence provision plan at the faculty
  • Continue to review and improve the flow of communication between SLU and the surrounding world

How I will contribute to the new faculty board

I want to continue working to strengthen environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) at the faculty and the development of more research on EMA data, that our students learn what EMA is and what it can be used for and that our data and results are made available and used so that we can contribute to fulfill the environmental quality goals as well as the more complex sustainability goals.

So many exciting and highly interesting things are going on at our faculty. I want to work for us to improve our outreach through improved and expanded collaboration between faculties, departments and subject areas.

The strategy for 2021-2025 has now been decided at SLU. Previous faculty boards have begun to lay out the map based on the departments' input on how the competence provision plan links to the strategy. How do we maintain world-class research, high-quality education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and EMA that contributes to our surrounding society - breadth and excellence in competence is a key issue. It is not an easy puzzle to solve as resources are limited and many difficult trade-offs need to be made and must be made. I want to use my accumulated experience during my years at the faculty to continue to contribute to this work.

The work environment is an important question. Some stress and pressure are always present and limited resources do not improve the situation. By increasing cooperation and team spirit, we can become even more of a world-class faculty and, in return, reduce stress and pressure - I believe that and want to work for it.

A few personal lines

During my years at SLU, I have focused on the EMA part and has been able to contribute to its development both as an environmental monitoring and assessment specialist, head of a division and deputy dean for Foma. I am responsive, driven and committed. During the years I have been a member of the faculty board, I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of contexts that have given me a broad insight into the various challenges that is facing the faculty.

Outside of work, it is my family including a dog, our sailing boat, exercise and good food that makes me happy.

Undergraduate education

MSc. of Biology, PhD in Ecology 2006

Worked at SLU since:



For nine years I have been a member of the faculty board. For eight years, I have also been vice dean for Environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA), including being chairman of the EMA Board at the faculty as well as being a participant and the vice chairman of the EMA Council centrally, and participate in the management group's work at the faculty.

In addition, I am also chairman of the Infrastructure Council in Umeå, member of the central Research Infrastructure Council and chairman of the faculty's Research Infrastructure Committee, participant and vice chairman of the Swedish Species Information Centers Management Council, deputy member of the Collaboration Council.

Furthermore, I lead the working group that plans and implements "Worth knowing", participates in work with SLU:s brand, am responsible for the environmental certification work at S-fak as well as leading work with developing the field safety policy which is updated annually. I also participate in the communication group's work at the faculty and collaboration meetings with the Swedish Forest Agency and EPA and is a member of the Future Forest steering group.

In recent years, I have been head of a division at the Department of Forest Resource Management.

At Umeå University, where I studied and defended my dissertation, I was chairman of the Natural Sciences Section (corps), a member of the doctoral student council and union active in the Swedish Natural Science Association for a few years.