Ola Lindroos

Last changed: 08 November 2021
Ola Lindroos

Professor Ola Lindroos, elected as member.

Important future issues for the faculty

I am currently vice-dean for the educations at BSc and MSc levels. Hence, the faculty’s educations are of my prime interest to which I think I can contribute the most. Many and important changes are conducted, but there are still much to continue working on regarding the developments of the educations. Included in this are important questions such as ensuring competence supply based on and adapted to all aspects of the faculty’s activities, the best use of competences irrespective of physical location of faculty staff, and to continue the long term work of attracting more students to our educations.

A few personal lines

I live in a house in Holmsund, outside of Umeå, together with my sambo, two kids and a countless number of pets. I enjoy (surprise, surprise…) outdoor activities in general and especially hunting and fishing.

Undergraduate education

MSc in Forestry

Worked at SLU since



I am Deputy coordinator of IUFRO Division 3 ’Forest operations engineering and management’, and coordinator of the unit 3.10 ’Forest robotics and digital forest operations’.