Johan Stendahl

Last changed: 08 November 2021
Johan Stendahl

Associate Professor Johan Stendahl, elected as member.

Important future issues for the faculty

Should I become member of the faculty board at the forest faculty, I want to contribute to developing SLU's role as the leading knowledge centre in forest science in Sweden, and to highlight SLU's broad range of expertise in both forestry, ecosystem understanding and nature conservation. As a “sector” university, SLU should have an active collaboration with agriculture and forestry, while at the same time safeguarding the academic freedom and maintaining a broad research. In essence, I believe this is fulfilled today, but the image of SLU could be strengthened in this respect considering the recent public debate. Besides strong research about forestry and forest ecosystems, the S-faculty also hosts unique environmental monitoring and assessment programmes. A tight link between research and environmental analysis offers great potential for producing new knowledge as well as well-founded results for decision-makers. Here, I believe that SLU can find even greater synergies in order to improve the environmental analysis and to increase the publication rate of studies based on environmental analysis data.

My research focus has been on different aspects of forest soils; I have for example studied carbon storage in forest soils and its role in the climate impact of entire forest systems, the soil's nutrient supply and soil weathering. In addition to research, I have also been much involved in environmental analysis as program manager of the Swedish Forest Soil Inventory, which is a national monitoring programme of mainly forestland. This task has also led to various assignments to report the environmental status and trends in forest soil to government authorities, mainly the Swedish EPA. I have also had assignments linked to Sweden's climate reporting to the EU and the UN.

A few personal lines

Privately, I spend much time with my family, take a ride on my MTB, do cross-country skiing, or go to the mountains with my English setter!

Undergraduate education

Physical Geography, Uppsala University

Worked at SLU since



My previous experience from boards and assignments at SLU include that I have been member of the board for environmental monitoring and assessment (FOMAN-S), deputy member of the Docent board, acting subject head for the research subject “Biogeochemistry of forest soils”, and environmental monitoring and assessment coordinator. I am currently the Deputy Head of Department.