Frauke Ecke

Last changed: 08 November 2021
Frauke Ecke

Senior Lecturer Frauke Ecke, elected as member.

Important future issues for the faculty

  1. One SLU! Career opportunities must be the same at whole SLU irrespective which faculty you belong to. The rules and requirements for different career stages at SLU need to be harmonized. For example, the requirements for Associate Professors need to be comparable between the S- and NJ faculty.
  2. Attractive career opportunities for researchers. Opportunity for promotion to Professor not only in theory but also in practice.
  3. High transparency of the work and decisions made at the faculty
  4. Need for a Vice Dean with focus on Research

How I will contribute to the new faculty board

My broad and in-depth knowledge on research as well as environmental monitoring and assessment in combination with strong commitment to and experience of administrative faculty-related work is a good basis for successful work on the faculty board.

A few personal lines

Have difficulties to separate between job and leisure. Cycling is the best way to relax.

Undergraduate education

BSc: University of Göttingen, Germany, MSc: Uppsala University, PhD: Luleå University of Technology

Worked at SLU since



”Nämnden för antagning av seniora miljöanalysspecialister”, 2018-present

Member of the board for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Program Forest), 2016-present

Member of the Associate Professorship Board, SLU, NL-faculty. 2013 – 2016