Elias Andersson

Last changed: 08 November 2021
Elias Andersson

Senior lecturer Elias Andersson, elected as first deputy.

Important future issues for the faculty

  • Increased inclusion for an open and positive work and study environment
  • A clearer and even more professional work organization related to influence, responsibility and security
  • Increase the participation of employees and students in decision-making processes
  • Clearer and more transparent career paths, promotion and recruitment processes
  • To strengthen the interdisciplinary perspective in both research and teaching
  • Strengthen the work science elements of the vocational educations
  • Strategic work on communication and collaboration

How I will contribute to the new faculty board

During my years at SLU, I have worked with gender and gender equality in the forest sector - both practically and as a research topic. Even though the faculty has come a long way with the work on gender equality and equal conditions, there is still a great need for further efforts and strategic work. Successful and effective gender mainstreaming requires conscious and goal-oriented work. Here my knowledge and experience can come in handy. Increased equality is, from my perspective, a cornerstone of the vision of “One SLU”, which places new demands on the organization and decision-making processes to be realized.

For the faculty's activities to be able to reach their full potential and relevance in teaching and research, communication and collaboration, I see an increased need for a clearer interdisciplinary perspective. However, this requires strategic work for development and integration that goes beyond just adding perspectives. My contribution here rests both on my social science foundation and my knowledge and experience of the faculty's various areas.

A few personal lines

I am goal-oriented, driven, responsive with a focus on participation, transparency and justice. In relation to my own strengths, this means that I try to be humble in the face of my own limitations, perspectives and experiences in order to work inclusively and utilize other individuals' strengths / resources and experiences. Thinking outside the "box" is more often easier said than done, but awareness of the box/norms' borders and character enables an opening to reflect and re-evaluate these and previous decisions, structures and practices - which is of great importance to be able to develop the areas and processes of the faculty in a world of new challenges.

Undergraduate education

Gender Studies & History of Ideas

Worked at SLU since



Representative of the JLV Council / Committee, Associate Editor (Society & Natural Resources), coordinator of IUFRO Gender & Forestry (6.08) and deputy coordinator of IUFRO Task force on Gender equality in Forestry, and the department's collaboration group (8 years).