Charlotta Erefur

Last changed: 08 November 2021
Charlotta Erefur

Coordinator Charlotta Erefur, elected as member.

Important future issues for the faculty

  1. Greater participation of the faculty in the public debate about forestry and the forest. We, as a faculty, need to be more present in media and find good channels for presenting facts on the subject.
  2. To continue the good work on building cooperation and representation within the different infrastructures and networks built up around environmental research.
  3. Improving teaching: increasing the attractiveness of courses to students, raising quality (teaching must be valued), providing the skills needed by the forest sector etc.
  4. Create a good climate for new researchers at the faculty. The example closest to me is the field of forest management where we are now facing a lack of continuity across researchers

How I will contribute to the new faculty board

I will bring a unique perspective on the whole chain of knowledge from research through to implementation. My skillset and perspective has been shaped by my work as an industrial PhD student and following that as project manager at the unit for research and development at Sveaskog. During my years out in the experimental forests of SLU I have further developed my connection and contacts to management practice. I also believe my experience provides me with valuable insights for decisions on environmental monitoring, field research infrastructure, and long time series of data. These come from taking part in the process of building up both SITES and ICOS within Sweden, infrastructures financed by the research council in an international context.

A few personal lines

I am an unassuming mother of three who is good at taking in the whole picture and I always try to put things into context. I enjoy working with the forest as well as the people in it. I see clear-cut free forestry, where I have done my own research, as a really great example of uniting different interests and finding ways forward.

Undergraduate education

MSc in Forestry (Soil Science) 2003

Worked at SLU since

I was first employed as an amanuensis during the field season of 2001. In 2012 I became the manager at Vindeln experimental forests and since 2020 I have been the coordinator at the Unit for Field-based Forest Research.


Representing the Asa and Svartberget stations in SITES, project leader of developing Silvaboreal, and coordinating a project, together with the Forest Agency, developing clear-cut free forestry. I am also a member of the board for Erik Rönnberg’s fund.