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Last changed: 11 November 2020

Researchers at the NJ-faculty and PhD-students at the NJ-faculty in the latter part of their education (i.e. after half-time seminar) are invited to submit proposals for projects covering costs for visiting projects or networks within the context of Global Development (GD). Apply Before 31 mars, 2020.

Call for proposals for a program aiming at capacity building within the area of Global Development


This initiative aims at increasing the Faculty staff´s capacity to successfully compete for external funds within the context of Global Development. The Committee on Global Affairs at the NJ faculty handles the program.

The current call for proposals includes funding for 2020. Decision by the dean on funding is expected in July 2020.

Call for proposals for projects aiming at capacity building within the area of Global Development

Researchers and PhD-students in the latter part of their education (i.e. after half-time seminar) at the NJ-faculty are invited to submit proposals for projects covering costs for visiting projects or networks within the context of Global Development (GD). The visits should be clearly linked to potential future GD-related projects or activities of relevance for research and/or education at the NJ faculty. Funding to work on GD-related issues is restricted to countries listed the DAC list of ODA recipients, with priority given to applications for working in “least developed countries”, “other low income countries” or “lower middle income countries and territories”.

See current DAC-list here

The initiative aims at expanding the capacity of, and to encourage, faculty staff to compete for funding and to carry out projects with a GD perspective. Applicants should have an appointment at the faculty during the planned activity either as researcher (or similar) or have an appointment as PhD-student (doktorand-anställning). The maximum amount this program will cover for a proposal is 90 000 SEK. The program does not cover costs for hosts or partners in GD-countries. Projects should be carried out and reported within a year from the date of approval. As part of the report, successful applicants will be required to draft a short, web-based, summary of their work including pictures.

Proposals will be evaluated by the Committee of Global Affairs and decided upon by the Dean. The proposals should be written by candidates with the ambition to expand their competence and network within the field of GD research, in collaboration with, in this respect, senior project- or network leaders (national or international) that will host the candidate.

Researchers having recently acquired a PhD, PhD students, as well as more experienced researchers applying for funding to work in a GD area that is new to them, will be prioritized. Projects including concrete plans for the application/s to be developed are also prioritized.

Proposal guideline

The proposal to the NJ Committee of Global Affairs should include:

  1. The SLU ID the proposal is intended for, i.e. SLU ua 2020.4.2.1-227.
  2. Name, title, year of birth, position and contact data of the applicant.
  3. A project plan that should include the title of the proposal, a short description of the project including the project/network to be visited, how the candidate plans to become involved in this project/network/research area, the applicants role in expanding the expertise of the network, and which future applications/projects are anticipated as spin-off(s) from this project, including potential sources and deadlines for continued funding.
  4. A description of how this grant will support in establishing or improving the applicant’s platform within a new GD-related research field.
  5. Two letters of support should be submitted with each proposal. One letter from the nearest group leader describing the role of the applicant in the proposed project. One letter of invitation from the host organization describing their commitment to the project.
  6. A detailed budget covering travel plans, accommodation, and, if applicable, additional, direct costs related to the visit. The grant does not cover meetings/travel to collaborating groups in Sweden or costs for hosts.
  7. A time-table for the activities planned.
  8. CV of the candidate (max 2 pages).
  9. List of publications of the candidate (max 2 pages).
  10. The application should be approved by head of department (or equivalent).

A maximum of four pages may be used for item c and d in the list above.

Proposals labeled SLU ua 2020.4.1-227 should be submitted no later than the 31 mars 2020 to, with copy to

SLU will treat personal information in accordance with GDPR and national legislation to the extent that is necessary for carrying out administration of the proposals received.

Publishing on the webb after the trip

SLU compiles information about those who have received funding from the NJ faculty to carry out so-called Tag-along journeys and intend to publish on SLU's employee web site name, institution, describe the purpose of the trip, the journey's destination when the trip implemented, how much money has been granted and a short project report. Each traveler has the opportunity to take a stand for publication of the material. Read more about the processing of personal data in connection with Tag-along here


Questions regarding the call for proposals can be addressed:

Willem Goedkoop, Chair of the Committee on Global Affairs ( or Marnie Hancke, secretary (

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