Equal opportunities at the NJ Faculty

Last changed: 20 April 2022

Equal opportunities means that all staff, students and applicants must feel welcome and be given equal opportunities regardless of sex, sexual orientation, transgender identity or expression, disability, ethnic origin, religion, other belief or age.

The NJ Faculty's Equal Opportunities Committee focuses on mapping, influencing attitudes and education. The committee provides e.g. inspirational lectures and seminars, and convey information about conferences, training courses or changes in legislation relating to equal opportunities.

The committee includes four staff representatives from the faculty and two members appointed by Sluss.

Current information

March 23 2022
Lecture about masculinity norms and gender equality with Adam Kero from MÄN. The lecture has been recorded and you can watch it here.

February 8 2022
Lecture with Qaisar Mahmood about diversity, you can read more about the lecture here.

You can watch the lecture here.

Earlier events

Lecture with Urban Sanden from GHAL here at SLU “How can we understand workplace conflicts?”, in Swedish, you can watch the lecture here.

Gender differences in how scientists present the importance of their research, with invited speaker Marc J. Lerchenmueller, Assistant Professor for Technological Innovation and Management Science at the University of Mannheim. Watch the presentation about "Gender differences..." here.

Body, Art and Resistance. Talk by Stina Wollter about the importance of finding new and more humane ideals, about change, freedom and resistance.
Read more here (in Swedish only)

Seminarium Gender equality in academic careers - from equal treatment to mainstreaming. Charlotte Silander, Linnéuniversity.
See seminar here as video or pdf (in Swedish).
Read more here

How do we work with diversity at SLU, how do we get better, and how can improve our awareness of the importance of diversity? Talk and workshop with Barakat Ghebrehavariat.

Consent and tea
Watch the movie translating initiating sex into offering someone a cup of tea: Consent and tea

Vice-chancellor about #metoo
Read the vice-chancellors blog from November 16 2017 and January 18 2018.

Events archive 2012-2018

New equal opportunities representative?

Do you have a new equal opportunities representative at your department or unit? Please contact us (lv-nj@slu.se) so we can send information and invitations to the right person.


Suggestions for us on what events to arrange?

Do you have suggestions about activities you want us to arrange or information that should be available on this web page, please contact us at lv-nj@slu.se.


The Equal Opportunities committee has a collection of books and other literature. They are kept in the reference library in the Ecology center (F-corridor, Ulls väg 16). Everybody is welcome to read the literature, if you would like to bring a book home, please contact the librarian Karin Eriksson. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas of any literature we should keep.

Literature list

Gender Equality and Meritocracy by Stina Powell

Doctoral thesis: Women´s Cattle Ownership in Botswana by Andrea Petit

Doctoral thesis: Doing Gender (in) Equality in Swedish Family Farming by Elias Andersson

We also have plenty of books and other literature in Swedish (see Swedish page).


Equal Opportunities Committee

Email: lv-nj@slu.se

Johanna Bergman Lodin, chair, department of urban and rural development, johanna.bergman.lodin@slu.se

Linley Chiwona Karltun, department of urban and rural development, linley.chiwona.karltun@slu.se

Karin Eklöf, department of aquatic sciences and assessment, karin.eklof@slu.se

Matthew Low, department of ecology, matthew.low@slu.se

Aurélien Saghai, department of forest mycology, aurelien.saghai@slu.se

Two student representatives from Sluss.