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Last changed: 31 August 2023

Successful science communication helps the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV) to contribute to solving complex societal challenges to an even greater extent.

Tips, ideas and inspiration for your science communication

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About us

Science communication @LTV provides communication support to research staff so that the LTV Faculty’s research-based knowledge and expertise get outreach and can benefit society. We do this through analysis, strategic planning, coaching and the implementation of communication initiatives. The organisation contributes to further increasing LTV Faculty’s reputation in its areas of expertise, thereby contributing to successful grant applications, collaborative opportunities and the recruitment of staff and students.

As a researcher, you may notice these efforts through activities such as: 

  • regular newsletters containing concrete tips and inspiration for science communication;
  • seminars and lectures on the theme of science communication aimed at research staff; 
  • support for writing communication plans for grant applications; 
  • communication initiatives with a specific focus on the various subject areas in which the faculty conducts research, including raising the profile of research, supporting communication planning and strengthening communication skills; and 
  • support to create communication plans and project pages for projects that have been granted funding in the Formas open call.


We provide tips and ideas on science communication that can raise your profile, help and support you to write communication plans for grant applications, and offer good examples of science communication from the faculty, SLU in general and other research institutions. 


Science communication @LTV

You can reach us at:

Viktor Aller Helgesson, intern
Unit for Collaboration and Development