Education administrators

Last changed: 27 September 2021

We work with course administration for all institutions in Alnarp.

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Anne-Charlotte Dahlbäck, Education administrator, phone +46 40-41 5146

Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being and Food and Landscape - Master´s Programmes. Skogsbruk med många mål (in Swedish), Horticultural Management – Gardening and Horticultural Production.

Katarina (Tina) Lantz, Education administrator, phone +46 40-41 5108

Examination coordinator. Agricultural and Rural Management and Agroecology - Master's Programme.

Desirée MattsonDesirée Mattsson, Education administrator, phone +46 40-41 5304

Examination coordinator. Horticultural Science, Euroforester and Horticultural Science - Master´s Programmes.


Kristina Regnell, Education administrator, phone +46 40-41 5416

Landscape Architecture, Alnarp and Landscape Architecture - Master’s Programme.


Anna SjöstrandAnna Sjöstrand, Education administrator, phone +46 40-41 5374

Landscape Engineer - Alnarp and Horticultural Management – Design. Sustainable Food System, Plant Biology for Sustainable Production - Master's Programmes. Forest and Landscape - BSc.


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