Science communication @LTV

Last changed: 01 July 2021

The university has a responsibility to contribute to the development of society by disseminating research-based knowledge. In 2021, a project is therefore underway at the LTV Faculty to strengthen the faculty’s science communication.

If you are a researcher, you may notice the project in this way: 

  • Newsletters with useful tips and inspiration related to science communication will be sent out regularly 
  • Seminars/lectures with topics related to science communication aimed at research staff 
  • A pilot of a quick guide for writing communication plans in research applications 
  • The departments will select a few research projects to be highlighted in external communication 

Priority area 

The project focuses on the prioritised area Thriving living environments for peopleplants and animals 

Transdisciplinary communication for stronger collaborations.  

In the project, we will focus on broad communication themes with relevance for various subject areas. This can create opportunities for internal collaborations in communication across subject boundaries, which will result in better knowledge of each other’s competences. At the same time, the diversity of our competences is made visible externally. This can benefit future large-scale transdisciplinary projects. 


During the year, we will send out an email-based newsletter approximately every two weeks. We will provide tips and ideas on science communication for increased visibility and give good examples of science communication from the faculty, the rest of SLU and other external organisations. 

The tips, ideas and inspiration from our bi-weekly newsletters are collected at a separate webpage, just click here.

Tips, ideas and inspiration on science communication

If you want tips, ideas and inspiration for what you can do yourself to increase your visibility, just click here.

Workshop on communication in Formas Open call 2021

The presentation is available on the page with tips, ideas and inspiration

Illustration av projektet forskningskommunikation på LTV-fakulteten på 5 års perspektiv.

About the project 

The aim of the project is to improve the dissemination of research-based knowledge generated at the LTV Faculty, allowing it to reach more people so that our research becomes even better-known and appreciated, which can contribute to the funding of future research. Science communication also contributes indirectly to solving complex societal challenges.  

During the year, activities will be carried out with the goal that by December 2021 the LTV Faculty will have established more systematic, and active science communication that are sustainable in the long-term, and that research within the faculty will be more visible.  

Communication efforts will be planned and implemented in areas that are strategically important, this will enable us to attract more research funding from more potential funding bodies. Support and assistance in the communication planning of ongoing or completed projects, help in writing communication plans for research applications, and efforts to strengthen communication skills within the faculty are examples of activities that the project will implement. The planning of these efforts is being carried out, based on the prioritized area for 2021, in dialogue with management at all of the departments at the LTV faculty