Notes from LTV's Faculty Board on 10th of March 2021

Last changed: 31 March 2021

Financial statements, delegation of authority and results from the staff survey were some of the Faculty Board's items on the agenda.

Skills supply, existing or new resource persons

Skills supply, existing or new resource persons is included as one of three different strategic investments to be decided during the first half of 2021. The investment is planned for 10-15 resource persons and can include up to SEK 300,000 each for 2-3 years.

It was decided to approve applications in this area for Björn Boman, department of plant protection biology, Sharon Hill, department of plant protection biology and Karin Svensson, department of landscape architecture, planning and management.

Changes in delegation of authority LTV-faculty

The 2021 edition of the LTV faculty's delegation of authority with adjustments was presented by faculty administrator Denis Avdic.

Senior post recruitment

It was decided on experts for one and announcement for two employments.

Financial statements LTV 2020

LTV's financial statements for 2020 were presented by faculty economist Andreas Gustavsson Fredlund:

  • The faculty is in good growth through increased turnover and an increased number of employees.
  • The consumption of capital takes place according to plan at the departments with the exception of the department of plant breeding, where increased government funding through SLU Grogrund in combination with continued good external financing led to a financial surplus.
  • The capital in research is still too high at the faculty level, funds that will be put to work through decisions on strategic investments in the faculty board during the first half of 2021.
  • The degree of external funding and unspent grants in research have altogether fallen at the faculty, which confirms the importance of the focus area funding in the faculty's new strategy.
  • Undergraduate education continues to grow through new programs and independent courses, which has led to costs for development, which in turn has led to negative financial results at some institutions.

Presentation of the results of the staff survey

Kristin Larsson, HR specialist, presented the results of the staff survey for the LTV faculty. It is stated that the survey shows improvements in most of the areas of the survey compared with previous years, which is very positive.

- Leadership, pride and clear vision are some areas of strength for LTV according to the survey.

- Stress, recovery and information are examples of areas for improvement that require continued work.

- The doctoral students' work environment showed an improvement since the previous survey.

- When it comes to discrimination, harassment, threats and violence, zero tolerance applies at the faculty. Even if there is a low presence of this, according to the respondents, the prevention work must continue.

Reporting action plan 2017-2021

Margit Nothnagl, faculty director and Tomas Östman, research secretary presented the final report for the action plan to concretize the work linked to the LTV faculty's strategy for the period 2017 - 2021.

Initiation of work on business plan from 2022

Margit Nothnagl, faculty director and Tomas Östman, research secretary, presented the process for the work of producing an action plan, (previously called action plan) for the LTV faculty's new strategy. The business plan will apply from 2022.


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