Notes from the LTV's Faculty Board on 1st of September 2021

Last changed: 28 September 2021

At this meeting, three different functions at the Faculty were presented; Science Communication@LTV, SLU Landscape and SLU Horticulture.

Skills supply, existing or new resource persons

It was decided to award Emma Butler, Department of Urban and Rural Development, with SEK 300,000 per year from 2021 within the framework of the faculty's strategic investment for skills supply.

Meeting times for the Faculty Board 2022 were decided as follows:

2022-01-26, kl 12.30-16.30

2022-03-02, kl 12.30-16.30

2022-04-06, kl 12.30-16.30

2022-05-11, kl 12.30-16.30

2022-06-08, kl 10.00-16.00, common meeting FN/head of departments, all day

2022-08-31, kl 12.30-16.30

2022-10-05, kl 12.30-16.30

2022-11-09, kl 10.00-16.00, common meeting FN/PN, in the morning

2022-12-14, kl 10.00-16.00, common meeting FN/head of departments, in the morning

Operational plan 2022-2025

A progress report was presented for the faculty's operational plan 2022-25, which will be decided on at the board's December meeting (14/12). Proposals with points that have been identified as particularly relevant to the faculty are currently out for consultation in the business.

Allocation of funds 2022 – room for strategic investments

Faculty economist Andreas Gustavsson Fredlund presented the allocation of funds.

Presentation av projektet Forskningskommunikation @LTV

Ida Andersson presented resluts and futura plans for the project. The board expressed its support for a continuation of the project, beginning in 2022, when the current project is completed.

Presentation of SLU Landscape och SLU Horticulture

Caroline Dahl (SLU Landscape) Sara Spendrup (SLU Horticulture) presented the future development of the two platforms.


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Members of the faculty board