Notes from LTV's Faculty Board on 7th of April 2021

Last changed: 27 April 2021

At this additional Faculty Board meeting, mainly three decision points were discussed.


Members of the consultative assembly for the appointment of Deputy Vice-Chancellor

In the ongoing process for appointing a Deputy Vice-Chancellor from 1 January 2022, the University Board decided on 18 March 2021 on the employment profile and schedule for the work. The schedule is based on the board appointing the vice-rector on 17 June.

An important part of the process for appointing a new deputy vice-chancellor is the appointment of a party-based consultative assembly that advises the recruitment group appointed by the board.

The consultative assembly will participate in a hearing (May 31) with the deputy vice-chancellor candidate / candidates.

The departments of the LTV Faculty have submitted name proposals for members and personal deputies to the consultative assembly. The Faculty Board's preparatory working committee has since assessed the names and submitted a comprehensive proposal to the Faculty Board. Decided as follows:

Kristina Karlsson Green, personal deputy Åsa Bensch
Ulla Myhr, personal deputy Vera Vicenzotti
Oleksiy Guzhva, personal deputy Martin Melin
Arne Nordius, personal deputy Aakash Chawade
Carola Wingren, personal deputy Anna Bengtsson

Referral - Changes in the program offer for the academic year 2022/23

The Board of Education's proposal for changes in the program offer for the academic year 2022/23 was discussed.
It was decided to appoint a working group consisting of the dean, Josefine Andersen and Oleksiy Guzva, and to instruct the working group to complete the consultation response, based on the faculty board's discussion, and send it to the board of education no later than 30 April.

Consultation - changed entry requirements for the SLU-joint master's program Sustainable Food Systems (SFS)

It was decided to support the proposal from the programme board for education in natural resources and agriculture to change the prerequisites in the education plan for the master's program Sustainable Food Systems.


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Members of the faculty board