Notes from the LTV's Faculty Board on 5th of May 2021

Last changed: 28 May 2021

At this meeting, Head of Department Christina Lunner Kolstrup presented the activities at the Department of People and Society and development manager Ramesh Vetukuri informed about future investments in Biotronen.

Strategic investments and priorities between activities

The interest in submitting proposals for interdisciplinary power-gathering catalyst projects within the framework of the strategic investment in the Faculty has been above expectations. In order to enable the financing of more interdisciplinary projects, it was decided to limit the number of proposals for competence supply for existing or new resource persons that are approved by the Faculty Board to two per department.

Skills supply, existing or new resource persons

It was decided to award Anna-Karin Rosberg, Department of Biosystems and Technology, Oleksiy Guzva Department of Biosystems and Technology, Geovana Mercado, Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management and Magnus Ljung, Department of People and Society, with SEK 300,000 per year from 2021 within the framework of the faculty's strategic investment for skills supply.

Appointment of a nomination committee for the election of a new faculty board for the LTV faculty

It was decided to appoint a nomination committee from and 2021-05-05, but no longer than 2024-05-31, with chairman and personal deputies as follows:

  • Georg Carlsson, personal deputy Andrus Kangro
  • Sonja Trulsson, personal deputy Caroline Dahl
  • Anna Bengtsson, personal deputy Mats Gyllin
  • Stefan Sundblad, personal deputy Arne Nordius
  • Andrew Butler, personal deputy Ulla Myhr
  • Ramesh Vetukuri, personal deputy Therese Bengtsson
  • Kristina Karlsson Green, personal deputy, vacant

Senior post recruitment

It was decided on the proposal of announcement of a Professor of Business Development and Innovation (Department of People and Society).

Risk analysis at LTV Faculty

Denis Avdic presented data for risk analysis for the LTV Faculty.

The project "Science communication @ LTV"

The communication officers Ida Andersson and Camilla Zakrisson Juhlin reported on the status of the project. You find more information here.


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