LTV Faculty Strategy 2017-2020

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Here you can follow the process of developing a new strategy and action plan for LTV Faculty.


February 8th the LTV Faculty Board decided on Strategy of the LTV Faculty 2017-2020.

Read more about the strategy process and other things that are going on in  Dean's Letter LTV  (scroll down for English version).


The Faculty Board's decision on the strategy process

2016-05-25 LTV Faculty Board has made a decision on the process to develop a strategy for LTV Faculty 2017-2020. The Board decided, inter alia:

  • there should be a clear link between SLU's strategy, the faculty strategy and department strategies
  • long-term sustainable measures will be developed to measure indicators and follow trends in Faculty activities
  • an action plan to concretize the faculty's strategy will be developed
  • strategies and action plans at the departmental level will be developed
  • the guiding principles for the strategic development should be a scientific approach, creativity, openness and responsibility, in accordance with SLU's values

In an annex to the decision is a working plan and timetable for the process. This document is only available in Swedish.

SLU's new strategy

In June 2016 SLU’s board decided on a new strategy for SLU 2017-2020 (Swedish web).

Other strategy documents within LTV Faculty

Action plan to set out the LTV Faculty's strategy in concrete terms

Department strategies (Swedish web)


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