Application and registration degree project VH

Last changed: 23 September 2020

The following routines regarding application, admission and registration of degree projects within the VH Faculty applies to all degree projects within the area of animal science and biology. Separate routines and instructions are available for bachelor projects and for degree projects within veterinary medicine.


Applications are made at Deadlines for applications are 15/4 for autumn courses and 15/10 for spring courses. Before applying, the student must have been in contact with a supervisor, with whom an agreement must have been made about an appropriate project.

Late application

If the student needs to do an application after 15/4 or 15/10 it is possible to do a late application at More information is available at the Student webb (


The student may be registered on the course when admitted and after a Project plan (form B) has been established by the student (consultating the supervisor), and been signed by all parties concerned. Form B is available at the webpage for degree projects within the VH Faculty.


If the student needs to be re-registered, send an e-mail to


All students active as full time students at SLU are covered by SLU’s insurance. When a student begins project work early, it is important that the student is registered on full time programme courses for SLU's liability and insurance to be valid. If the degree project begins before the start of the course, parallell to other full time studies, registration can wait. However, note that the project plan must be submitted and approved before any practical work begins.

The student’s responsibility
  • Application to the correct course code
  • Contacting a supervisor and finding a suitable project
  • Establishing and signing a project plan (form B), together with the supervisor
The supervisor and the examiners responsibility
  • Establishing and signing a Project plan (form B), together with the student
  • Forwarding the project plan (form B) to the examiner for signing
The course leader’s responsibility
  • Checking that the student fullfills all prerequisites for the course
  • Fill in and sign the Registration form, insuring that the student fullfills all prerequisites and may be registered
  • Forwarding the Registration form to Education Services for registration
Education Services responsibility
  • Registration of students when receiving a signed Registration form
  • Fill in information on student, supervisor, examiner and department in a shared excelfile at Education Services’ SharePoint (available for the course leaders for degree project courses)