Administration of degree projects within VH

Last changed: 24 August 2021

Education Services VHC handles registration and reporting in Ladok as well as depositing degree Projects in Epsilon, within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences. Here you may find some information regarding our routines.

Within the different degree project courses there are different routines and templates. Some are course specific and some are joint routines. 

Degree projects 30 credits:

Biology / Animal Sciences

Veterinary Medicine

Bachelor / Degree projects 15 credits


At Degree Projects at the VH Faculty you can find all information and links you need when it comes to the process from application and registration to reporting and depositing, including forms for Project plan (form B) and Grade decision/Approval of degree project (form C).


Educational Services VHC handles reporting and depositing degree projects within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

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