Boards and committees

Last changed: 03 October 2022

The faculty's decision-making body is the faculty board. The board is supported by a number of advisory and preparatory committees.

Members of the faculty board are elected by those who are entitled to vote at the faculty, while members of the other committees are appointed by the faculty board or dean. The committees are the faculty's coordinating body for their different areas of responsibility.

Faculty board 2022–2024

Rauni Niskanen
018-67 16 07, 073-076 13 56

Dirk Jan de Koning
Deputy Dean
018-67 20 39


Anne-Lie Blomström

Johan Bröjer

Ingrid Ljungvall

Johanna Penell

Eva Sandberg

Bodil Ström Holst

1st Substitute

Stefan Gunnarsson

2nd Substitute

Anders Kiessling

Research and student members

Lena Skånberg
Doctoral student

Nathalie Navarrete
Student ULS

Linnéa Lang
Student VMF

Other boards

The Academic Appoinments Board (LFN-VH)

End of term: June 30, 2025

Chair: Rauni Niskanen  Secretary: Sarah Hedenskog
Members: Dirk-Jan de Koning, Mikael Berg, Katarina Nostell 
Substitutes: Göran Andersson, Albin Gräns, Jens Häggström, Anna Skarin, Sara Wernersson

The Docent Appointment Board (DN-VH)

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Stefan Gunnarsson Secretary: Sarah Hedenskog 
Members: Mårten Hetta, Lena Holm, Lena Olsén
Substitutes: Maria Andersson, Emma Ivarsson, Sofia Mikko, Stefan Örn

The PhD Education Board (Fun-VH)

End of term: March 31, 2025

Send applications and documents to:

Chair: Lena Lidfors Secretary: Anette Wichman
Members: Johan Lundqvist, Erika Roman, Inger Lilliehöök, Mikaela Lindberg
Substitute: Gabriella Lindgren

Director of Studies for postgraduate education: Carl-Gustaf Thulin

Programme board for education in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Scienc (PN-VH)

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Johanna Penell  Secretary: Karin Camp
Members: Jeanette Hansson, Katja Nilsson, Eva Sandberg 
Substitutes: Odd Höglund, Anna Bergh

Directors of Studies 



Members and duties for each committee are decided according to the Faculty's Delegations of authoryity.

The Scholarships Committee 

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Lena Lidfors  Secretary: Kristina Jungnelius 
Members: Elisabeth Rajala, Kerstin Hansson

The Farm Animals Committee

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Stefan Gunnarsson Secretary: Gun Bernes

Branch representative:

  • Milk: Mikaela Lindberg
  • Pig: Anna Wallenbeck
  • Beef and lamb: Anna Hessle
  • Poultry: Stefan Gunnarsson
  • Sheep/goat: Gun Bernes

External member with focus on finance and business management: Per Hansson

The Horse Committee

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Marie Rhodin Secretary: Anna-Lena Holgersson
Members: Elke Hartmann, Cecilia Müller, Maria Vilain Rørvang, Ove Wattle

The Small Animals Committee

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Bodil Ström Holst Secretary: Odd Höglund
Members: Tomas Bergström, Ingrid Hansson, Katja Höglund, Lena Olsén

SLU Committee for Global Animal Diseases (CGD)

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Frida Martin
Members: Mikael Berg, Sofia Boqvist, Ulf Magnusson, Susanna Sternberg Lewerin, Jean-Francois Valarcher

The Cooperation Committee

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Renée Båge Secretary: Gun Bernes
Members: Senior lecturers with special responsibility for extension

The Equal Opportunities Committee

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Lena Lidfors Secretary: Malin Ekström Members: Maria Andersson, Tomas Bergström, Maja Malmberg, Carl-Gustaf Thulin

Committe for Environmental monitoring and assessment

End of term: March 31, 2025

Chair: Johan Dicksved Members: Coordinators: Gunnar Carlsson and Anna-Karin Dahlberg


Kristina Jungnelius, Faculty Adminstrative Officer
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, SLU, +4618-67 16 87, +4670-203 33 14