Last changed: 11 November 2020

The Faculty Board is the highest decision-making body at the faculty. At SLU, a faculty is the name of a unit led by a Faculty Board. Their work is supported by a number of committees and advisory boards.

Faculty board

The Dean is the chairman in the faculty board. The faculty board delegates responsibilities and remits to the Dean. The Dean is also line manger, organizationally placed between the vice chancellor and the heads of departments.

Pro and Vice Deans

The Pro Dean is vice chairman of the faculty board. The Faculty board also consists of a number of Vice Deans, repsonsible for different areas.

Supporting committees

There are also a number of committees as advisory and preparatory bodies to the faculty board. The committees have some rights of decision making, via delegation from the faculty board.

Division of responsibilities

The delegations of authority describes the division of responsibilities at the VH faculty.

Organization of operations


Collaborative centres and projects

Research platforms

Research facilities and networks

Government commission

Faculty office

The main task for the faculty office is to assist with decision making and administrative support to the faculty board. Contact information to the faculty office 


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, SLU +46(0)18-67 10 00