Equal opportunities at the VH Faculty

Last changed: 21 May 2019

Equal opportunities work should be an ingrated part of the core activities at SLU. Our university should be including and characterised by openness and equality. We should take advantage of the diversity that staff and students bring with them as a result of their varying backgrounds, lifestyles and competences.

Equal opportunities means that all staff, students and applicants should feel equally welcome. Everyone should be offered the same opportunities, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, transgender identity or expression, disability, ethnicity, religion or other belief, or age.

Acive measures (Equality ombudsman)

Gender mainstreaming at SLU

Equal opportunities - action plan

Members of the VH Faculty's equal opportunities committee

Department contacts for equal opportunities


Maja Malmberg, researcher
Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health, SLU
maja.malmberg@slu.se, +46(0)18-67 27 77

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