Johan Bröjer's declaration of intent

Last changed: 11 October 2021

Johan Bröjer. Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences

Assignments within and outside SLU

Within: the equine committee, member of the management team at the department of Clinical Sciences, director of graduate studies at the level of the department of Clinical Science, Coordinator of the research process at the department of Clinical Sciences, member of the group for future specialist clinics at the UDS, council for research infrastructure, member of the faculty board.

Outside: Member of the ethical board for equine practitioners, Member of the Board for National Guidelines for Antibiotic Treatment of the Horse, Swedish Society of Veterinary Medicine (SVS). Member of a group assigned by the Swedish Medical Product Agency for antibiotic treatment of the horse, member of the examination committee for Swedish equine specialists.

Important future issues for the Faculty

  • Prioritize core activities within the faculty (teaching and research)
  • Promote increased collaboration and intercommunication both within the faculty (teaching and research) as well as with industry and other universities
  • Economic funding for the extended veterinary program should prioritize more faculty teachers. This funding should not go to the UDS.
  • Work towards a long-term strategy when it comes to recruiting new people/co-workers to the faculty in the future (strategies for graduate students and career opportunities)
  • Develop collaboration between the faculty and UDS in order to achieve a successful platform for clinical teaching, research and specialty training without draining the faculty’s resources. Develop, clarify, and strengthen the faculty as a collaborating partner to the UDS.

My contribution to the Faculty Board

I have a background as a teacher, researcher as well as a clinician at the SLU, involving several departments. This has given me a broad knowledge base about the faculty. My background as a clinical teacher has also given me important knowledge on how faculty members can interact with the animal teaching hospital both in teaching and research. I am a dedicated and positive person who believes in team-work and in that different points of view lead to quality assurance when solving problems or making decisions.

Some personal lines

In my free time, I like to spend time with my family on our farm where we have a herd of Gotland sheep. I appreciate the contrasts in my life – academic work with teaching and research versus down to earth work on the farm.  

Basic information

Position: Professor in equine internal medicine

Department: Clinical Sciences

Education: DVM (veterinary medicine)

Worked at SLU since: In 1995, I started a one-year internship in equine medicine and surgery at the SLU. After completion of a residency in large animal internal medicine and an MSc at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, I started as Universitetsadjunkt in equine medicine in 1999 at the SLU.