Sara Hallin's CV

Last changed: 11 October 2021

Sara Hallin. Professor at the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology

Publications: 108 artiklar, 4 boook chapters. ORCID: 0000-0002-9069-9024

Invited speaker/ key note speaker (last 10 years): 30

Research funding:  Current: 11 projekt as PI eller Co-PI. Current and previous funding sources: Formas, VR, KAW, MSCA-ITN, EJP Soil, EIT, Vinnova, Oscar och Lili Lamm, EU, Energimyndigheten etc).

Employments in academia

2012 – Professor in soil microbiology, Dept. Microbiology/Dept. Forest mycology and plant pathology, SLU

2011 – 2012 Professor in microbiology (promoted), Dept. microbiology, SLU

2011 Guest researcher, Gothenburg university (30%)

1992 – 2011 PhD student/researcher/Assistant professor/Researcher, Dept. microbiology, SLU

Parental leave: Total 42 months (After PhD: 32 months. Before PhD: 10 months)

Comissions of trust (relevant selection)

2020 – 2022 Vice Chancellor’s Priority group SLU (internal committee for research applications)

2021 – 2031 Data Driven Life Science (National reference group), representing SLU 2021-2031

2019 – 2022 Steering group CBC, SLU

2018 – 2021 SciLifeLab NSC (National SciLifeLab Committee), deputy representing SLU)

2018 – Head of Department (50%)

2017 – 2024 Scientific Advisory Board, University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences

2017 – 2019 Vice Chancellor’s Advisory board, SLU

2014 – 2018 Recruitment committee new Vice Chancellor/Pro Vice Chancellor

2013 – 2015 Scientific Board Formas

2013 – 2018 Docent board NJ, chair

2012 Pro Dean NL-faculty (25%)

2010 – 2018 Faculty board (three periods)

2010 – 2012 PhD education board, vice chair 2012

2008 – 2012 Steering group research school FoSW

2008 – 2012 Director of PhD studies NL-faculty (30%)


2020 Highly Cited Researcher (Clarivate Web of Science)

2020 Elected fellow The Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala 2020

2019 – 2024 SLU’s career grant, 5 MSEK

2000 – 2001 Knut and Alice Wallenberg’s Foundation fellowship for young women in science, 2000-2001

SUPERVISION: PhD/Lic: 8 PhD as main supervisor, 2 PhD as co-supervisor; 1 Lic as main supervisor and 1 as co-supervisor. Postdocs: 9. Current PhD students and postdocs: 4 PhD as main supervisor, 1 as co-supervisor, 2 postdocs

SUPPORTING ACADEMIA: Research council panels: ERC, DFG, Academy of Finland, VR, Formas, Reviewer positions: 6, Opponent/examination committee: 29, Editor: The ISME J, Frontiers in Microbiology (EiC Terrestrial section), Editorial Board: Soil Biology and Biochemistry

TEACHING (current): Soil Biology and biogeochemistry, SLU 15 hp; Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, Uppsala Univ. 5 hp; Sustainable plant production, SLU 15 hp. PhD courses, 1-2/yr

Communication with society and interaction with stakeholders

As an expert on nitrogen cycling, I mainly engaged in aspects focused on agriculture, wetlands and water treatment. Examples from 2021: Oscar and Lili Lamm’s foundation jubilee, article and speaker, Nov 2021, Webinar ”Greppa Näringen”, 2021-09-15, participated in “Vetenskapsradion Klotet”, Radio P1 2021-06-09; interview and portrait in Lantbrukets affärer, May 2021.

Basic information

Current position: Professor in Soil Microbiology, Dept. Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, SLU

Academic degrees: PhD in Microbiology, SLU (1998); MSc in Agronomy, SLU (1992)

”Docent”: Microbiology 2005, SLU

Research profile: Microbial ecology in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and their role in ecosystem functioning, in particular microbes cycling nitrogen.