Karin Hamnér's CV

Last changed: 16 January 2024

Karin Hamnér. Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment

Current employment/position

Researcher within plant nutrition at the department of Soil and environment, SLU, Uppsala.

Assistant programme study director for Agriculture programme – soil and plant sciences, BSc Crop production and MSc Soil, water and environment (45 % of working time). Course leader, teacher and supervisor (app 20 % of working time) within the agriculture and crop production programmes. Member of the committee for Fältforsk since 2019.


Agronomist (soil and crop science); MSc in biology, SLU, Uppsala: 2003

PhD in Soil sceince with specialization in plant nutrition: 2016

Former emplyments and missions

Board of Agriculture, crop production section, Jönköping: 2003-2005

Farmer advisor within production and environment at the Rural economy and agricultural societies (Hushållningssällskapet), Östergötland: 2005-2010

PhD student in plant nutrition at the department of Soil and environment, SLU, Uppsala: 2010-2016

Participant in project group in the inquiry for development of agriculture programmes at SLU: 2018

Study director for the department of Soil and environment, SLU: 2019-2020


Course leader for the courses ”Soil management in crop production” and ”Basic course – agronomist soil/plant”, ongoing

Lecturer, lab assistant, supervisor for different exercisers and writing assignments with the agricultural programme, app. 15 % of working time, ongoing since 2010

Main supervisor for independent projects (MSc and BSc) (11 projects since 2015)

Research achievements

  • PhD thesis 2016 (Micronutrients in cereal crops-Impact of nutrient management and soil properties);
  • First or co-autor of seven articles published i peer-reviewed journals and two under preparation (In selection: Hamnér et al. 2021. Impact of time and nitrogen fertlization rates on protein content and quality in winter wheat (manuscript in prep.); Hamnér et al. 2017. Influence of nitrogen supply on macro- and micronutrient accumulation during growth of winter wheat. Field crops res 213; Hamnér et al. 2015. Trace element concentration in cereal grain of long-term field trials with organic fertilizers in Sweden. Nutr Cycling Agroecosyst 103);
  • Swedish report within the department of Soil and environment (2012)
  • Oral presentations and participation at international, national and regional conferences;
  • Research grants in 2020, 2016 (2 projects) och 2015;
  • Popular scientific articles in different sector related journals.

Basic information

Name and date of birth: Karin Hamnér, 3 februari 1978

Address (work): Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet; Institutionen för mark och miljö; Box 7014, 750 07 Uppsala

Phone and e-mail: 018-67 12 36; 073-396 37 87; karin.hamner@slu.se