Hanna Bergeå cv

Last changed: 03 April 2024

Main field of research interest

I do research about dialogue processes, collaboration and how people make decisions about complex issues such a as sustainability and natural resource management. I am leading a research project about circular economy in the food sector where we focus on the consequences of the concept’s hopefulness and ambiguity for communication and coordination between different stakeholders.

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Agriculture (Environmental Communication), SLU. 2008. MSc in Biology, Agronomist 2002.

Ongoing and recent research projects

  • MISTRA Environmental Communication: Reframing communication for sustainability, Mistra
  • Communication between hope and ambiguity – coordination in transformation of food systems towards circular economy, Formas
  • Att lära av det förflutna och skapa möjligheter för en hållbar framtid, SLF
  • Beyond idealistic glorifications and categorical rejections – The co-construction of meaning in dialogue practices in natural resource management, Formas
  • Collaboration between research and advisory services for more efficient knowledge development in the green sector, Vinnova
  • IT-solutions for user friendly IPM-tools in management of leaf spot diseases in cereals, Formas/ ERA-Net

Supervision of PhD- and MSc-students

Therese Åhlvik: A critical outlook on circular economy initiatives in sustainable food systems, ongoing

Paola Ledo Espinoza: A southern perspective. Northern and indigenous influences on the establishment of a hybrid culture of participatory planning, the story of Sacaba, 15 June 2021 

Elvira Caselunghe: Deliberations on Nature. Swedish cases of communication and democracy within nature conservation, 6 December 2018

Christina Lundström: Cognition and Decision-Making in Adoption of Agricultural Decision Support Systems. The case of Precision Agriculture, lic 2016

Måns Norlin: Communicating Visions for Urban Development. A micro-study of a governance process, lic 2014

I supervise a couple of MSc students on a yearly basis since around ten years back.


2020 (July) –Head of Division (together with Stina Powell) for Division of Environmental Communication
(28 employees)

2019– Member of the committee August T Larsson Guest Researcher Programme

2016– Member of Kunskapsrådet for Baltic Sea Science Center

2016–2020 Chair of the steering group for SLU Ekologisk produktion och konsumtion (Epok)

2016–2019 Vice Dean for external collaboration at the NJ faculty, SLU

2015– Member of the working group at the NJ-faculty for equality in recruitment

2014–2016 Chair of the group for external collaboration at the Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

2013–2019 Member of Samverkansnämnden, at the NL/NJ-faculty, SLU

2013–2016 Member of the head of department council at the Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

2012–2016 Head of Division for Division of Environmental Communication

2011–2012 Director of Postgraduate Studies at Dept. of Urban and Rural Development, SLU.

Basic information

Name: Hanna (Ljunggren) Bergeå

Date of birth: 10th October 1976

Contact details: SLU, Dept. of Urban and Rural Development /P.O Box 7012 / 750 07 Uppsala

Phone: 018-672182, E-mail: Hanna.Bergea@slu.se