SLU facts

Last changed: 10 January 2022

Here ar some general facts of SLU that are useful when working on applications to different funding bodies.


Official name: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Postal address: Box 7070, 750 07 Uppsala

Visiting address: Almas allé 8

Date of formation: 1977-07-01

Organisational number: 2021002817

VAT-number: SE202100281701

HORISONT Europe PIC: 999887350

DUNS (American funders): 350582110

NCAGE (American funders): AQ33N

SAM Unique Entity ID (Amerikanska finansiärer): VNSMPAMBJLA9

NIH ID: 000797504

ESA Entity Code: 1000019133

ESA BU (business) Code: 8000007187

Exchange rate SEK/EUR: When doing a budget to an EU proposal we recommend that you use 0.5 SEK/EUR lower rate than the current rate. For example use 10:20 if today's rate is 10:70 SEK/Euro.