Last changed: 09 December 2020

Pivot is a global search engine for research funding calls. Let Pivot give you weekly e-mail updates on relevant calls - after you spending an hour on adjusting your search.

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SLU has a licence for Pivot to last of February 2021. Grants Office is planning NOT to prolong the contract after that. The main reason being that SLU's staff use of Pivot is very limited. The use has increased marginally between the years from the start 2016. Our assessment is therefore that it's no longer reasonable to pay ca 230 TSEK/year for the licence. Please contact externalfunding@slu.se if you have comments about SLU closing the use of Pivot.

The licence SLU has gives everyone with an SLU-computer on an SLU-network direct assess to the search engine via link above.

To access the search engine from another computer/network, and be able to create/edit personal profile and searches, registration is needed under Sign up in Pivot. Register your SLU-mail and choose Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - SLU as Affiliated Member Institution.

The first thing to do after creating your account and logged in for the first time is to "Claim profile", that possibility is reached in drop down menu under your name high up to the right.


Good introduction to Pivot is available in short videos on Youtube.


Some SLU-departments have local contact persons for Pivot:

  • Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden: Johanna Wallsten
  • Anatomy, physiology and biochemistry: Gunnar Pejler, Liya Wang and Lena Holm
  • Animal environment and health: Stefan Gunnarsson
  • Animal Nutrition and Management: Anna Skarin and Torsten Eriksson
  • Clinical sciences: Susanne Pettersson
  • Crop Production Ecology: Giulia Vico
  • Forest Biomaterials and Technology: Dimitris Athanassiadis
  • Forest Ecology and Management: Mats Öquist
  • Forest Economics: Peichen Gong
  • Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology: Rosario Garcia Gil
  • Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management: Thomas Randrup and Åsa Ode Sang
  • Molecular Sciences: Tomas Linder
  • Plant Protection Biology: Erik Andreasson, Marco Tasin, Peter Andersson, Peter Witzgall and Rickard Ignell
  • Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre: Johanna Witzell
  • Swedish Species Information Centre: Tord Snäll
  • Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies: Göran Ericsson
  • Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology: Christina Lunner Kolstrup and Elisabeth von Essen