Support for coordinated research applications

Last changed: 12 October 2020

Specialist support is available from the Research Coordinators at the Grants Office, when SLU is coordinating a large or more complex application for research funding. Access to these services requires support from your Head of Department and generally covers applications for EU funding, as well as national funding of strategic relevance, for projects in the range of 20 MSEK and above. However, depending on the availability of the Research Coordinators, there may also be other opportunities for support, so please get in touch to discuss your application.

There is no separate charge for this support, it is funded by the general charge for university administration.

What support is available?

The Research Coordinators will work within your proposal preparation team, primarily to:

  • Coordinate the application process
  • Provide background information relevant to the scope/topic
  • Advise on project design, organisation and management
  • Support communication within the project consortium
  • Offer a quality review of the application
  • Coordinate administrative issues (e.g. budget and economy)
  • Assist with registration and submission of the application

The Research Coordinators may also be able to offer support in additional areas (by mutual agreement), depending on their availability.

How to request support

To request support from the Research Coordinators, send an email to and we will be in touch.

Please note that depending on the workload of the Research Coordinators, it may be necessary to prioritise the requests for support. The SET group will be responsible for making decisions regarding which projects will be given priority, based on the information provided in these forms.

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