Support for coordinated research applications - request form

Last changed: 29 April 2019

The form below is to be used by SLU researchers that are planning to coordinate a large application for research funding and seek support from the Research Coordinators at the Grants Office.

More information about the coordination support >>

Please note that depending on the workload of the Research Coordinators, it may be necessary to prioritise requests for support. The SET group will be responsible for making decisions regarding which projects will be given priority, based on the information provided in these forms.

After submitting the form, the main applicant and Head of Department will be contacted by one of the Research Coordinators at the Grants Office.

Please note that the form cannot be partially filled in and saved, it must be completed in full (all fields are compulsory) and submitted by clicking on SEND REQUEST below.

Main applicant´s name
Main applicant´s email
Main applicant´s department
Project name (including acronym, if known)
Call (identifier and topic, if applicable)
Is this a 1 or 2 stage proposal?
Total project budget, TSEK
Submission deadline (date YYYY-MM-DD)
Have you already been in contact with the Grants Office about this proposal? If yes, with whom?
Project aims
Alignment with SLU strategies (link below)
Main impacts of the project for society

Head of Department´s name
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