Last changed: 12 August 2019

Type of funding body: Swedish private foundations
Cost coverage: Depending on grant form, but never full coverage to indirect costs and facility costs. Example of cost coverage.

The Wallenberg foundations early contributes with ca 2 billion SEK to research in Sweden. The three largest foundations are:

The foundations support excellent research beneficial to Sweden, they have different focus areas:

KAW - Natural science, technology and medicine

MAW - Arts subjects

MMW - Clinical medicine, law and social science

All three foundations apply the principle that all applications, with a university as primary applicant, need to be approved by the university`s vice-chancellor.

Click on the menus below for specifics about different parts of the foundations funding, with focus on SLU internal processes for them.

Project application to KAW, MAW or MMW

KAW, MAW and MMW demands application certification from the vice-chancellor of the primary applicant university. The vice-chancellors certification confirms that:

  1. The application has passed through an internal prioritization process.
  2. University resources, as stated in the project budget, will be available for the project.
  3. Indirect costs and facility costs, not covered by the foundation, will be covered by the university.
  4. Indirect cost are budgeted according to the full cost accounting model (SUHF-model).

Concerning co-funding need (point 3 above), there are SLU-internal guidelines for co-funding that includes Wallenberg projects.

Information about the project funding from each foundation is under the menu "FUNDING GUIDE" at the foundations homepage.

Deadlines for project applications:

1 February KAW
1 April MAW & MMW

From the funding guide for projects KAW is, related to the call closing 1 Feb 2019, specially reminding about:

  • "A project group consists of two to five researchers that collaborates in a project that focuses on a coherent academic research question.
  • PIs must have a long-term association with a Swedish institution of higher education, and spend at least 70 % of their working time in Sweden. Co-investigators must spend at least 50 % of their working time in Sweden

Applications not fulfilling these demands will be rejected."

SLU process when SLU is primary applicant

1. Pre-application to faculty

Latest 15 Oct KAW
Latest 15 Jan MAW & MMW

Primary applicant sends pre-application by e-mail to faculty research officer. Pre-application shall include:

  1. Application draft (3-5 pages) including ca amount that will be applied for.
  2. List of researchers / departments / universities in the project.

Application draft must take the following questions into consideration:

  • Can the project / the scientist be compared to the best in the field globally?
  • Is the project outstanding and groundbreaking in an international context?
  • Is the project focused around a coherent research question, and do the involved groups have complementary skills and are gathered around novel questions where they have potential to create groundbreaking science?
  • Is it very likely that the goals of the project can be achieved in accordance with proposed methods?

2. Answer if the application is prioritized by the faculty

Latest 1 Nov KAW
Latest 1 Feb MAW & MMW

Faculty research officer informs primary applicant and research officer at the division of planning if the application is prioritized by the faculty or not. If several applications are prioritized, the faculty must state their relative position.

3. Answer if the application is prioritized by the vice-chancellor

Latest 5 Nov KAW
Latest 7 Feb MAW & MMW 

Research officer at the division of planning informs primary applicant and faculty research officer if the application is prioritized by the vice-chancellor or not. If necessary the prioritization is discussed in SLU´s management council before decision.

4. Application to faculty

Latest 30 Nov KAW
Latest 22 Feb MAW & MMW

Primary applicant sends application by e-mail to faculty research officer. Application must include:

  1. Research programme (max 10 pages incl. references).
  2. List of researchers / departments / universities in the project.
  3. Application budget in SLU´s project calculator.

5. Faculty response on application

Latest 14 Dec KAW
Latest 1 Mar MAW & MMW

Faculty research officer informs primary applicant about faculty application assessment. Primary base for the assessment shall be review conducted by independent, preferably SLU external, person. The reviewer shall be appointed by the faculty. Second opinion support might be a possibility to finance the reviewer.

6. Project budget to Grants Office

Latest 15 Jan KAW
Latest 15 mar MAW & MMW

Primary applicant sends project budget to frank.sterner@slu.se. Budget information is under the menu "Application budget to KAW, MAW or MMW" below.

7. Faculty´s suggestion for vice-chancellors certification

Latest 21 Jan KAW
Latest 20 Mar MAW & MMW

Faculty research officer sends suggestion for vice-chancellors certification to research officer at the division of planning. The scope of the suggestion should be max 1/3 A4 and describe the strategic importance of the project for SLU.

8. Vice-chancellors certfication to primary applicant

Latest 28 Jan KAW
Latest 25 Mar MAW & MMW

Research officer at the division of planning sends vice-chancellors certfication by e-mail to primary applicant.

9. Application to Wallenberg foundation

Latest 1 Feb KAW
Latest 1 Apr MAW & MMW

Primary applicant submits application in the foundation`s E-application. Copy to research officer at the division of planning. An applications main components:

Basics about the project, the applicants and possible other funding. Vice-chancellors e-mail is rektor@slu.se

Project summary in English (max 2 000 characters).

No appendix can be larger than 10 MB. Allowed formats are word, excel and pdf. Primary applicant´s name and personal identity number shall be in all appendicies:

  1. Project description
  2. Popular scientific summary in Swedish (max one A4 or 3 500 characters)
  3. Project budget in the foundations excel template
  4. CV
  5. Vice-chancellors certification

Application where SLU is co-applicant

For project application where SLU is co-applicant there is no SLU internal prioritization at faculty and university level. The Wallenberg foundations do not demand vice-chancellors certification from co-applicants. Co-applicants at SLU must in good time inform head of deparetment and faculty research officer about planned application.

Application budget to KAW, MAW or MMW

Generally it`s important that a project economist at the department is involved in budgeting from an early stage.

1. Excel templates

  1. KAW, MAW and MMW have a joint template for project budget (in Swedish) it is available under Anslagsguide / Blankettarkiv on the foundations home pages, e.g: https://kaw.wallenberg.org/anslagsguide/blankettarkiv
  2. To format indirect costs in the way they are to be registered in the Wallenberg project budget there is a separate template.

2. Procedure

The KAW project budget has user instructions in the far left folder of the excel template.

The parts of the project budget facilitated by 1b above are 3D Indirekta kostnader in folder 3.Övriga kostnader, and if department involved in the application applies charge based facility costs, 1b is also relevant for 3C Lokalkostnader in the same folder.

To facilitate the calculation of indirect costs and facility costs it is helpful to keep involved departments (at SLU and possibly other universities) separate when the project budget`s folder 2.Löner and 3A and 3B in the folder 3.Övriga kostnader are filled in. Add rows in the folders if necessary.

3. Project start and project end

Date for project start and project end are registered in the folder 1.Sammanställning. These dates set the headings of the year columns in the other folders.

4. Social costs - LKP

LKP percentage is registered in the folder 2.Löner cell C10. Current LKP for SLU (in Swedish). If the application has salaries at another university a weighted average is to be used for LKP. Wallenberg has a maximum of 50% for LKP, all actual LKP above that has to be co-funded. The LKP-gap is automatically regulated in Wallenberg`s project budget.

5. Indirect costs and facility costs

Wallenberg does not apply any standard rates for funding of indirect costs and facility costs, decision is made in each case individually. Experience from previous decisions is that the foundations accept 15-25% charge on total direct costs (except facilities) to funding of indirect costs and facility costs. SLU´s recommendation is therefore to use an amount corresponding to 25% charge according to above as Varav sökt hos stiftelsen in the project budget (1a above).

6. Co-funding of direct costs

Wallenberg does not demand co-funding of direct costs (except facility costs and LKP above 50%) in projects.

7. Project partners from other organisations

Possible co-applicant from other Swedish research organisations need to be notified in good time that their current values for indirect cost charges (and possibly facility charges) are needed for the project budget (1b above is useful also in such case)

For possible project participation from an enterprise or an international research organisation the Wallenberg principle is that such costs have to be budgeted as services purchased (driftskostnader). In a case of substantial participation of this kind, the issue of public procurement need to be kept in mind.

8. New project budget if application is accepted

Wallenberg always demands a new project budget if the application is accepted. Except knowledge about granted amount (including how much of total that is allowed to be used for indirect costs and for facility costs) other calculation conditions might have changed by that time.

9. Budget questions and budget review

Wallenberg want all budget questions via the university budget contact person, frank.sterner@slu.se  in the SLU case. According to SLU internal guidelines for Wallenberg project applications (under the menu Project applications to KAW, MAW and MMW above) complete project budget must be sent to the contact person for review latest by:

15 Janyary
15 March - MAW and MMW 

Wallenberg Academy Fellows - WAF

KAW has established the career programme Wallenberg Academy Fellows (WAF) for young researcers in all research areas. The programme gives the researcher long term resources to be able to adress difficult and long term research questions.

The next call is likely to close 15 February 2021.

Up to now KAW has demanded that the university co-funds direct costs for the fellow, max 50% of the fellows salary can be financed with the KAW grant. To make the nomination more attractive for researchers and SLU-departments SLU`s vice-chancellor has decided to finance the fellows whole salary.

SLU process for WAF nominations

1. Invitation from vice-chancellor to SLU departments

August 2020

Research officer at the division of planning distributes vice-chancellor`s invitation to suggest WAF-candidates to heads of departments.

2. Nominations to faculty

Latest by 12 October 2020

Head of department sends suggestion for WAF-candidate to faculty research officer. The suggestion must be written in English (except point a below) and contain:

  1. Project summary in Swedish, max 1 A4.
  2. Project plan, max 6 A4.
  3. CV, including information about time for doctoral degree and possible parental leave (or similar) after doctoral degree.
  4. List of publications, if possible including bibliometric indicators (preferably citations and H-index).
  5. Description of scientific achievements, max 2 A4.
  6. Description of how the candidate`s research contributes within SLU`s profile, max 1 A4.
  7. For external candidates: Motivation to way the candidate wants to establish research at SLU, max 1 A4.

3. Information about faculty assessment

Latest by 2 November 2020

Faculty research officer informs head of department and research officer at the division of planning if the candidate is accepted for assessment in the SLU research council (FOR) or not. The faculty assessment must be motivated with max 2 A4.

4. Assessment in the SLU research council (FOR)

November 2020

Research officer at the division of planning prepares the assessment of suggested candidates in FOR.

5. Information about the vice-chancellors nominations

Early December 2020

Research officer at the division of planning informs the faculty deans and the faculty research officers about the vice-chancellor`s decision.

The faculty research officers informs the candidates individually about the decision and the written justification by FOR.

The final application to the Wallenberg foundation must include a letter of support, signed by the Vice-Chancellor. A template for the support-letter is provided by the division of planning, and includes a description of how the nomination process at SLU has been undertaken. The letter of support must be completed by the nominating department with:

  • Description of why the candidate`s research is important in SLU`s research profile.

6. Support letter to the division of planning

Latest 1 February 2021

Head of department sends the completed support letter to the research officer at the division of planning (Niklas.Nordquist@slu.se). The support-letter, signed by the Vice-Chancellor, is then forwarded to the nominee to be included in the application.

7. Application to KAW

Latest 15 February 2021

Nominated candidate submits application in KAW`s E-application.

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