Swedish Research Council (VR)

Last changed: 18 April 2019

Type of funding body: Public authority
Cost coverage: Full cost according to appropriation direction

VR is the largest Swedish funding agency for basic research at Swedish universities, colleges and institutes. VR yearly allocates around SEK 6 bn primarily for basic research in Sweden. VR provides support for research within research infrastructures, medicine, clinical therapy research, humanities and social science, natural and engineering sciences, development research, educational sciences and artistic research.

Besides research funding VR also works with research policy analysis, research communication, long term planning for national research infrastructure and for Swedish participation in international research infrastructure.


Overview - calls 2019


Open calls at VR are always in Prisma, where applications are also always registered.

Data management plan

As from 2019, all who are awarded a grant from VR must have a data management plan if the research generates research data. The plan does not have to be sent to VR with the application, but the administrating organisation (i.e. SLU) is responsible for having a plan at project start, and for maintaining the plan. More information about VR´s recommendations is here.

If you have questions concerning data management plans, or need help to create one, please contact the Data Curation Unit at dcu@slu.se.

Success rates

SLU´s success rates in VR´s open call NT from 2015 (excel) >>

Project calculation

Please contact project economist at your department for support with budgeting in SLU´s project calculator.

The budget form in the application system Prisma varies a bit between calls, but in most cases it has the same cost structure as in SLU´s project calculator.



The Swedish Research Council (VR) has an overall responsibility for Swedish national infrasstructures and for Swedish participation in international infrastructures.

Every two years (2019, 2021, 2023 etc.) VR carries out a needs inventory to assess what needs exist with regard to research infrastructure in Sweden. The same years VR also has a call for infrastructure. The needs inventory 2019 is base for the call 2021 etc.

Questions about VR-infrastructure can be put to Sofia Wretblad at the Division of Planning, sofia.wretblad@slu.se.

Needs inventory

VR:s needs inventory 2019 is open between 9 September - 11 October.  Both reserch groups and universities/other public authorities can submit suggestions. If you have a suggestion that you would like SLU as a university to submit, please fill in this word-form (in Swedish) and send it to sofia.wretblad@slu.se latest by 25 May.


VR:s 2019 infrastructure call is closed. VR:s decision will be published in September 2019. The next call will be published 2021.

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