Last changed: 09 September 2019

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research

Type of funding body: Swedish independent public foundation

Cost coverage: Mistra normally demands that an amount corresponding to at least 15% of the funding obtained from Mistra is matched by co-funding from other sources. Mistra applies a rule that OH costs (including indirect costs and facility costs) can be covered up to a fixed amount per full time equivalent worker, annually. For current amount see link to "Allowable costs and co-funding" below.

Mistra supports research of strategic relevance for a good living environment and sustainable development of the society, with the primary aim of solving environmental problems. Commonly, Mistra announces two to four calls for new research programs annually, in which excellent researchers from different research fields should collaborate with companies, authorities and other actors to develop new products, services or methods aiming at solving the environmental problems society is facing.

In most cases, Mistra programs have a duration of four years, but a majority of these are prolonged for four additional years, if evaluated as successful. Each year Mistra invests around 200 million SEK in research programs that promote the formation of strong research environments and maintain a competitive position of Sweden in an international context.

Calls and News

Mistra announces two to four calls for new research programs annually, which continuously are published on Mistras homepage. Unfortunately, all information about Mistra on the web is in Swedish.

Mistra does not employ any specific application portal or template for their calls. Instead, each application should be designed and submitted according to the instructions given in the call text.

To keep updated about Mistra and research funded by Mistra, please visit their dedicated web pages for News and Publications.

Project calculator

Please contact the project economist at your department for support with making the budget for your Mistra application, utilizing SLU´s project calculator.

For funding of indirect costs and facility costs Mistra has a fixed amount per full time project staff and year. Current amount is in Allowable costs and co-funding.

In SLU´s project calculator the total amount to indirect and facilities, according to Mistra´s rules, has to be re-calculated into a percentage to get a correct picture of the total co-funding need at SLU. 



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