Last changed: 03 May 2018

EraNets are European network of national research funding bodies, such as Formas and the Swedish Research Council, aiming at publishing joint calls within their respective disciplines. Currently there are some one hundred active EraNets in many different subject areas. These networks are a little different including EraNet, EraNet +, Article 169 and Article 185, but share many rules and properties.

EraNets thus publish their own calls where among others universities are invited to submit applications for project grants. Normally a proposal needs at least three partners from three member countries (members of that particular network) to be approved. Often they also requires business involvement in the consortium. The participating research funding body, eg Formas, funds only Swedish partners, while funders from other countries fund their own partners. Applications are evaluated centrally but the individual funding agencies also have their own evaluations and may reject parts of the application.