Grants Office

Last changed: 02 March 2020

The Grants Office (GO) is a unit within the Vice-Chancellor´s Office. Our work is focused on supporting researchers and other SLU staff in applying for external grants and in administrating EU-funded projects

Points 1-9 below are base services funded within the university administration´s general charge on core activity salaries.

Point 10 represents specific assignments from SLU departments not considered base services. Such assignments are funded by the supported project, and must as a first step be budgeted at the department owning the project.

Besides the points below, the GO is also responsible for coordinating with other support functions for external funding within the university administration.

The GO also has some external assignments with contracts within the university administration.  External assignments should be in line with the GO's internal support functions, and the aim is to achieve mutual benefits between support for core activities and external assignments.

  1. Search for funders
    Monitoring of and information on calls and conditions. Focus on the larger funders.
  2. Counselling on applications and projects
    Requirements for applications and agreements with larger funders.
  3. Specialised counselling on EU applications and EU projects Administrative procedures from start to finish – beginning with the application to how you report EU projects. Focus on SLU-coordinated applications and initiatives.
  4. Training and information
    Annual planning of training and information events as well as cooperation with other support functions.
  5. External funding web
    Relevant information based on continuous monitoring of funders and information on support for external funding offered by different support units.
  6. General tools and funder-initiated systems
    User support, maintenance and development of funding body independent support tools such as the project calculator, as well as responsibility for SLU’s part of funder-initiated systems such as the Participant Portal and Prisma.
  7. Stimulus packages for external funding
    Seed money management with review support, coordinator’s premium and training and information support, and the Strategic External funding Team (SET).
  8. EU monitoring
    Counselling, strategic initiatives and coordination to stimulate SLU’s advocacy and strategic monitoring of the EU institutions.
  9. EU strategy for the Baltic Sea region
    Advice, strategic initiatives and coordination in accordance with government assignments on the Baltic Sea region.
  10. SLU-coordinated international projects
    Continuous support to international project coordinators and initiatives focusing on EU projects. Support is offered when the department lacks the capacity or when projects affect several departments/faculties. The content and extent is discussed in each case, and is funded by the project in question.

Staff at the Grants Office

Christer Borglin - Alnarp
Research support with focus on EU
+46 40-41 50 68
+46 70-569 03 61

Caroline Grabbe - Umeå
Research Coordinator
Faculties: S and NJ
+46 90 - 786 83 89
+46 72-236 56 70

Karl Jäghagen - Umeå
Head of unit
+46 90-786 84 20
+46 72-5338819

Lars Erik Lindell - Uppsala
Research support
+46 18-67 22 91
+46 70-3892291

Staffan Lund - Uppsala
Senior advisor
+46 18-67 11 30
+46 70-6303829

Fiona Reid - Uppsala
Research Coordinator
Faculties: VH and LTV
+46 18-67 13 14
+46 72-228 86 89

Frank Sterner - Uppsala
Application financial administration, especially Swedish funding bodies
+46 18-67 1002

Ulf Westerlund - Uppsala
Research Coordinator
Faculties: NJ and VH
+46 18 - 67 20 57
+ 46 72-450 66 96

Hallvard Wie - Uppsala
EU financial administration
+46 18-67 12 88
+46 767-645390

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