Last changed: 22 November 2022
Information about the main applicant:
Information about co-applicants

If applicable, please provide information about project
co-applicants. Provide the co-applicants given name, surname, position, and
institution or equivalent. If there are several co-applicants, please write
Co-applicant 1, Co-applicant 2, etc. Separate this information with commas.

Attach the following two project documents:

The summary of the project should be a maximum of 1000 characters without spaces (about half an A4 page), in English, and describe how the project will be useful and the anticipated short- and long-term benefits it will provide.

The work plan should be a maximum of 4000 characters without spaces (about 2 A4 pages) and contain the purpose of the project, the project schedule and timeline, the funds applied for, and the project's possible links to the priority areas.

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