Slunik and course pages

Last changed: 07 April 2022

Slunik is SLU's system for course information where all courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level have a course page. The information from Slunik is displayed together with information from Slukurs on the course page on the student web and the external web. Courses at doctoral level can also choose to have information in Slunik.

Because the technology that old Slunik was made of is no longer supported by the browsers, the Slunic interface is now being redone. The students' page has been redone before and appears on the regular course pages on the Slu web. Most will work as before but some features will be lost or redone.

  • You can copy information from previous courses.
  • The File archive is removed from Slunik/course pages. Instead, use Canvas to make files available to your students.
  • Links are removed from Slunik / course pages. Instead, use Canvas to make links available to your students.

The different parts of Slunik

Information from the course leader

Canvas should be used to send messages to your students.

The message function in Slunik is still working, but it is no longer possible to send sms to the students.


Will be replaced with schedule from TimeEdit. To prepare for the transition, the schedule is made as a file that you upload in Slunik. The ability to enter the schema text directly into Slunik is removed.


Works much like before.


Entered as text. You can no longer upload them as a file. We do this to improve accessibility on our web.

Course Team

Works much like before.


The list of students now shows all accepted students. The status column shows if they are admitted/ registered. The student list can be exported as an Excel file and as a mailing list.