Last changed: 09 September 2022
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SLU's teachers now have access to the plagiarism detection system Ouriginal. Ouriginal will check all types of examination tasks and assignments against a large number of sources to detect possible plagiarism.

Who have access to Ouriginal?

All employees at SLU have access to Ouriginal.

Select "SLU" under Institutions.

How does Ouriginal work?

You can read more about Urkund from Urkunds website .

Old Urkund analysis addresses can still be used:
First name.Last name.SLU@analys.urkund.se




Are the students informed?

If you are using Ouriginal you MUST inform your students that the assignments that are sent to you will be reviewed by Ouriginal!

Refer students to Ouriginal website  where information to students are.

General information about Ouriginal is also given to the students through theDivision of Educational Affairs and the student unions.

Does it cost anything to me as a teacher to use Ouriginal?

No, SLU have purchased a campus license and pays all the cost.


  • Ouriginal answering support questions by phone between 08.00 and 17.00  (08-738 52 10)
  • Support questions via email (support@ouriginal.com) normally answered within 24 hours (longer on holidays including Saturdays).


Helen.Alstergren@slu.se  Division of Educational Affairs 018-673008