Timeplan for the transition to Canvas

Last changed: 05 July 2021

The transition to Canvas consists of closing your Fronter rooms and build new ones in Canvas. This happens in different stages. The decommissioning of your Fronter rooms does not happen until spring 2019, so you can get started with Canvas.

New courses in Fronter

Courses starting in 2018 and ends by 25 March 2019 can be created in Fronter.  

After 25 March 2019 there will be no activities in Fronter.

New course rooms in Canvas

You can already now start building rooms in Canvas for your autumn courses.

We would like you to get started with Canvas in autumn 2018, even if it is not a requirement. You can use Canvas and Fronter in parallel for different courses until 25 March 2019.

After 25 March 2019 Canvas is the only system to use. Training will be given in autumn 2018. There will also be manuals available to anyone who needs it.

To get started with Canvas, please email it-stod@slu.se.

Close your courses in Fronter

You need to save files, archive and close old rooms in Fronter. You need to decide what you want to bring to Canvas and what can be deleted. 

Here you will find instructions on how to export files from Fronter.

You can begin closing your old courses in Fronter from 1 April 2019. By December 20, 2019, the closing have to be completed.

Migrate questionnaires to Canvas

Questionnaires in Fronter can be migrated to Canvas in most cases. Contact the Canvas Project if you want help migrating over your questions in Fronter to Canvas.