Last changed: 18 January 2022

The EPU arranges different kinds of activities to meet the needs of teachers at SLU.

This autumn, we will test a new concept: every other Friday from 13:15-14:00, we invite you to EDUchats, which is a meeting place where we can have informal and spontaneous discussions about pedagogical questions. Perhaps you wish to receive feedback on an idea, or you would like to tell others about a teaching experience that gave you new insights?

EDU Chats 2022-01-21

Anders Dahlberg and Petra Fransson

EDU Chats 2022-02-04

Martin Westin

Previous EDUchats

EDU Chats 2021-12-10

Elisabeth Rajala

EDU Chats 2021-11-26

Prof. Sigrid Agenäs

EDU Chats 2021-11-12

Dr. Aakash Chawade

EDU Chats 2021-10-29

Dr. Jennifer McConville

EDU Chats 2021-10-15

Lars Mogren


  • Every other friday 13.15–14.00 (Uneven weeks, starting at October 15)
  • No registration
  • In Swedish or English depending on the presenter.
  • Takes place in EPU's functionroom in Zoom-