Distance teaching because of the coronavirus

Last changed: 20 March 2020

As an examiner, you can be more flexible when it comes to extra time at examinations. Many of our students have a recommendation for extra time at written examinations. As a lot of examinations will now be take-home ones, they may still need extra time, depending on the timeframe. The support coordinators can confirm whether a student has a recommendation for adaptations.

You can also contact the coordinators if you want to discuss support and adaptations: contact details.

Some students have decisions on additional supervision for independent projects. This still applies, but the supervisor and the student will have to agree on how this can be done digitally. As always, extra supervision hours must be agreed in advance with the support coordinator.

It is a very good idea to record web lectures and make these available to the students. This makes it easier both for students with some kind of disability and those who are sick and miss the actual lecture. There is a recording function in Zoom.

See what information has been given to students on support and adaptations related to distance teaching because of the coronavirus