Pedagogical development projects

Last changed: 19 January 2018

SLU announces funding for educationally oriented development projects in 2018. The purpose of these funds is to support educational development that enhances the quality of education, the undergraduate and the advanced level. This call is directed to teachers, supported by head of departments, and to the students’ unions.

For application in 2018, projects focusing on the following areas will be prioritized:

  • Gender equality, intercultural communication and / or internationalization
  • Student-centered learning and student-activating teaching methods
  • Digital skills and E-learning
  • Research-based teaching and learning
  • Examination methods and assessment

Project resources are intended for educational development, which can not be counted as ongoing activities that are part of the usual teaching work. Some examples of this are the development of curricula, course design, recording of lectures that are usually included in the regular work.

The application will be submitted on the web by 1 March 2018 at 6pm. Late applications and additions after the deadline date are not accepted. For more information, please see Instructions for applying for SLU Educational Projects 2018.


By 2018, the Educational Board (UN) has allocated SEK 2 million. These will be allocated to projects that best meet the assessment criteria. A maximum of SEK 400,000 can be awarded to a project.