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Education Conference 2020

Welcome to the Education Conference on August 19-20 2020! This year, the focus will be on four themes:

  • Widening participation and challenge based learning
  • Distance education - lessons for the future, post corona
  • "Fördubblingsprojektet" - what will happen now?
  • Quality Assurance - quality dialogues 2020 and the Swedish Higher Education Authority's (UKÄ:s) review of SLU:s quality assurance processes 2019 

The first day we will join Lärarlärdom 2020 - Breddat deltagande och utmaningsbaserat lärande, which is organised by Malmö University in collaboration with Blekinge Institute of Technology and Kristianstad University. Please note that you have to register separately to this conference.

Due to the covid-19-pandemia, the conference will be digital via Zoom.

For more information, please see the pages in Swedish. 

Published: 25 May 2020 -