Timeline 2017 and onward

Last changed: 27 November 2020

An overview of decisions, etc. on the way to meet the vision.

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The vision is more applicants that meet entry requirements, a student population that reflects the diversity of Sweden’s younger generations as well as twice as many SLU students by 2027.


Autumn 2020

Continued work with programme planning and course syllabuses.

August 2020

Education conference on doubling.

June 2020

The SLU Board decides on the programme offering for the academic year 2021/22.

May 2020

The Board of Education processes the proposals, which will result in a joint programme offering proposal.

April 2020

Deadline for any official comments from the faculty and programme boards, etc.

March 2020

Consultation round documents ready from the group responsible for developing the programme portfolio.

February/March 2020

Programme portfolio is processed, including title proposals.

February 2020

The Board of Education conducts a preliminary review of the programme proposals.

February 2020

Programme proposals are presented at a forum meeting.

January 2020

Programme proposals are submitted to the Board of Education.

January 2020

The Division of Communication reports the results from the naming project and continued market analysis.


November 2019

The Swedish National Agency for Education presented upper-secondary schools of today and the skills the students are expected to acquire.

October 2019

Mid-way review with short situation reports from groups in question that work with programme development.

October 2019

EY presented their market analysis for some of SLU’s current and proposed programmes.

September 2019

It was decided to launch a new distance-based Master’s programme – “Skogsbruk med många mål” (multi-purpose forest management) – in collaboration with the Linnaeus

June 2019

The SLU Board decided to establish sustainable development and environmental psychology as mains field of study.

May 2019

The Board of Education decided to prioritise a number of strategic important programme concepts to focus on in the first phase. The board also decided on support and resources for the continued work.

April 2019

Dialogue meetings with almost 100 companies, public authorities and orgranisations from various businesses.

Spring 2019

General meetings for students and staff were organised in Alnarp, Uppsala, Umeå and Skinnskatteberg.

Spring 2019

Some roadmap proposals were included in a consultation round.

February 2019

The SLU Board decided to establish initiatives to double the number of SLU students.

February 2019

The Board of Education decided that the 5-year programmes in forest science and agricultural science will be replaced by 3-year Bachelor’s programmes and 2-year Master’s programmes.


December 2018

The Board of Education processed a roadmap concerning the vision to double the number of SLU students.

Autumn 2018

All of SLU submitted proposals concerning how to increase the number of students.


SLU celebrated its 40th anniversary, and the number of full-time equivalents was 3,737.

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