Purpose, vision and project plans

Last changed: 27 November 2020

The world needs twice as many SLU students to create solutions for the transition from a fossil-based society to a sustainable, bio-based one characterised by a circular economy and healthy environments for humans, animals and nature. This is the starting point for the doubling project.

The SLU Board has approved initiatives related to the vision of doubling the number of SLU students by 2027 compared to 2017. At the same time, the number of eligible applicants per place should increase, and the student body should reflect the diversity of Sweden’s young population today.

Together for future SLU

The vice-chancellor, together with SLU’s education organisation, are responsible for carrying out the project, and focus is placed on developing course and programme content and implementation, increasing marketing and strengthening quality. This includes developing more attractive career paths for teachers as well as continued campus development.

A very important part of the doubling project are the dialogues between relevant external groups, among other things in the form of roundtable discussions. Representatives of close to 100 companies, public authorities and organisations from different sectors were invited take part in the project.

Project plan for developing the SLU programme portfolio

To coordinate the many sub-projects within the doubling project, and to simplify parts of the investigative work needed, the Board of Education has decided to allocate resources to a project for developing the programme portfolio at undergraduate and Master’s level as of 2021/22.

A central task for this project will be an in-depth market and target group analysis that looks at our competition both nationally and internationally, as well as the preferences of various target groups.

Doubling project roadmap 

In December 2018, the Board of Education approved a roadmap for the doubling project. In spring 2019, a number of roadmap measure proposals were commented on and continuously investigated. 

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