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Last changed: 27 November 2020

SLU’s programme portfolio is currently being developed in order to meet future needs. Each faculty has developed a proposal which will be processed further and reviewed by the Board of Education.

SLU's programme portfolio is currently being developed in order to meet future needs. On 30 January, the programme boards submitted their proposals for new and developed programmes. The proposals were presented orally at the forum meeting on 6 February. Here is a list of the proposals.

The Board of Education conducted a preliminary review of the programme proposals on 13 February 2020. The project group reviewed the proposals in the next step of the programme portfolio development. The group submitted the following supporting document for a consultation round on 20 March: En programportfölj för framtiden – förslag om förändrat utbildningsutbud vid SLU(programme portfolio for the future – proposals regarding changing SLU's programme offering).

Consultation round

The proposed changes to the programme offering went through a consultation round this spring. 30 April 2020 was the deadline for any official comments from the faculty and programme boards, etc. Here is a short summary in Swedish.

On 14–15 May the Board of Education reviewed the proposals, which resulted in a joint programme offering proposal. The SLU Board is expected to approve the programme offering for 2021/22(PDF in Swedish) in June.

Some groups have their own SLU pages concerning this work:

Strengthening learning and system support

In order to provide support for the joint programme portfolio development and programme and course development, the Division of Learning, Media and Digitalisation will be given extra educational development support.

Additionally, quality dialogues have included the need for student web and other education-related IT system development. The web pages presenting degree programmes need to be further developed to include the display of course schedules and programme syllabuses. The design and functionality of course pages also needs an update to adapt them to new technology. Teacher-student communication needs simplifying.

Another subproject concerns a system for digital examinations. An increasing number of students also brings with it increased demands on basic IT infrastructure, demands that need to be addressed already at this stage.

The Board of Education has also approved further faculty office support, primarily in the form of funds for a temporary increase in the number of education officers (equivalent) at the faculty offices.

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