Thesis Day

Last changed: 28 October 2019

Thesis Day is the day when our students students who are doing their degree projects will have the opportunity to present it at poster exhibitions and short seminars. On thesis Day, SLU also honor their academic achievments.

About Thesis Day

The purpose of the day is to spread knowledge about our students’ degree projects to a wider audience through poster exhibitions and oral presentations, and at the same time give us the opportunity to honour those of our students who will soon be leaving us.

The vision of the Board of Education is that all students doing degree projects will attend to illustrate the diversity of subjects offered by our degree programmes. We would therefore like to ask you, as course coordinators, to schedule Thesis Day as a component of your course.

Thesis Day 2020

The next Thesis Day will be held on 27 May, 2020.

Who can participate in Thesis Day?

All students who do their degree project during the 19/20 academic year can participate in Thesis Day with a poster.


Students who will participate with their degree project must register on the student web by 24 April, 2020.

Oral presentations

During Thesis Day some students will be given the opportunity to present their work at mini seminars. Students who wish to present orally must state this at the time of registration.


Before Thesis Day the students will be invited to open lectures and a workshop where they will be given practical tips on how to design their poster and present it to a wider audience. The dates for these workshops are published on the student web.

Template and format

There is a template in PowerPoint for scientific poster that the students should use.

The poster must be in standing format, max 70 cm wide and max 120 cm high, the standard size is 70x100 cm.

The poster should be converted to a printable PDF before they send it to repro.


By 20 May at 06.00 the latest we want the students to send their poster by email to providing the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Programme
  • Title
  • Campus

Student information

Students find all information on the student web: