Individual study plan

Last changed: 26 January 2018

All doctoral student must have an individual study plan (ISP).

The university common  ISP-template 2017 must be used when creating a new ISP.

The ISP has three parts:

  1. Information on the doctoral student registered in LADOK.
  2. Planning, which includes
  • a research plan for the thesis work;
  • a timetable; those who want can make a plan for all four (two) years
  • a funding plan for all four (two) years;
  • a commitments document setting out the tasks to be carried out by the doctoral student and supervisor respectively over the coming year so that the programme will develop as planned.

    3. Follow-up

The research plan, timetable and funding plan are planning tools, and may be amended as necessary.

By signing the commitments document, the supervisor and doctoral student undertake to do their best to meet the commitments. If a serious conflict arises between the supervisor and the doctoral student, the commitments document forms an official basis for efforts to resolve the conflict.

The commitments document must be signed by the principal supervisor and the doctoral student no later than three months after admission. The entire ISP, including all plans, must then be journalled and archived.