The Campus development process

Last changed: 26 May 2023
campus development Alnarp

The development work is carried out by SLU in collaboration with Lomma municipality and Akademiska Hus. Through this collaboration, we aim to increase the possibility of developing Alnarp into a unique place for innovation, collaboration, and a good living environment for all current and future users and stakeholders. We see the potential for Alnarp to contribute to and serve as a role model for more sustainable societal development in southern Sweden, as well as nationally and globally. The level of ambition should be high.


In 2012, the Campus plan Vision Alnarp (only in swedish) was created through a collaboration between SLU and Akademiska Hus. Over five years later, the parties decided to jointly revise the document and investigate how the physical environment at Campus Alnarp can be developed to best support SLU's operations in the future.

Lomma municipality has plans for three proposed expansion areas in the northern part of Alnarp. One area is for residential purposes, and two are for green industries. In addition to this, decisions have been made regarding train connections to Alnarp.

The proposed guiding principles

We have come together and created proposals for our premises and the physical environment in Alnarp. These principles act as a guide and platform for attaining the desired results outlined in both overarching and detailed decisions.

guiding principles

Summary of the 2021 spring workshops:

Enable progress and collaboration

We facilitate meetings and collaborations by creating the conditions for both planned and spontaneous online and physical gatherings. Food and drink are a great catalyst for taking both internal and external meetings to the next level. Alnarp reflects activities and operations, and makes them accessible. Our workspaces and meeting venues can be easily adapted.

Simplify our workday

Finding your way to campus and navigating our facilities is easy. We use cutting-edge technology to help us with our everyday tasks. Meeting and work spaces can be easily found, booked, and used.

Integrating the outdoors and indoors

Our outdoor and indoor environments are fully integrated and used for various forms of meetings and work. Nature and the environment are our identity, and moving between the indoors and outdoors is simple, regardless of the weather or season.

Stands out

The combination of our history and green identity with modern technology and architecture makes it clear we are at the forefront of development. Alnarp reflects SLU’s contributions to sustainable societal development. Our strengths lie in the contrasts. The impression created by Alnarp makes us appeal to both researchers and students (existing and future), as well as visitors in general.

Competence groups

To enable engaged employees at the institutions and units on Campus Alnarp to contribute their knowledge and expertise, several competence groups have been established. The purpose of these groups is to utilize the competence of employees both as users and as experts.

The competence groups can be utilized as advisory bodies in various situations and projects based on the themes that each group is responsible for during the period from January 1, 2022, to December 20, 2023.

Read more about the competence groups


Process coordination/project leader
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