New business premises

Last changed: 26 May 2023
Simplify our workday

SLU's operations in Alnarp are growing and in need of several premises. These premises should be representative of the activities conducted and reflect the sustainability profile of the LTV and S faculties.

A good, creative, and collaborative work environment needs to be created for employees and students. The new premises and buildings need to be well integrated with the surrounding physical environment in Alnarp, including cultivation areas, landscape facilities, and more, to create the best conditions for research, education, and collaboration. The goal is for phase 1 of the construction project to be completed in 2026/2027, coinciding with the completion of the train station in Alnarp.

The needs of the operations

The teaching premises at SLU in Alnarp need to be modernized and expanded due to the increasing number of students. A comprehensive approach needs to be taken toward the teaching premises and the study environment.

The premises need to be modern and functional, tailored to the current and future educational offerings. Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre currently occupies inaccessible premises and is intended to be consolidated with similar activities within the LTV faculty, to utilize synergies and laboratory space, among other things.

The LTV faculty needs new research and teaching greenhouses, especially due to the significant new investment in SLU Grogrund. Their design needs to be decided in close collaboration with the intended users in the future. The LTV faculty management and faculty office are currently isolated from the rest of the operations (Norra Dubbelvillan) and need to be brought closer to the activities.

The IT department requires several more functional premises. The central archive in Alnarp is too small and needs to be modernized. The idea is to utilize the basement of the new construction for archive and server space in the future. The library is already cramped, and Alnarpsgården might potentially be shared with Lomma municipality in the future.

How should the future office environment be designed?

The premises at the Alnarp campus need to be modern and functional. The GHAL (Group for Sustainable Leadership in Academia) has been tasked with investigating what future work practices may look like and how the office environment can best support these needs.

The construction process

The management of the LTV and S faculties is working together with the real estate department to prepare a basis for a decision by the rector to initiate the next phase in the construction process of the new business premises in Alnarp, the program work. SLU will closely collaborate with the contractor, Akademiska Hus. The goal is for phase 1 of the construction project to be completed in 2026/2027, coinciding with the completion of the train station in Alnarp.

Decision on a preliminary study for the Western Node

Refer to the descriptions of different phases in a construction project at SLU and the individual roles in the "Guidelines for Handling Matters, New Construction, and Renovation at SLU".

Scenario for business premises at SLU Alnarp

Four different scenarios have been developed for a decision regarding which business buildings SLU will continue to lease on the Alnarp campus and which activities will be housed in each building. The decision is a prerequisite for an architect to start designing proposals for new and/or renovated buildings.